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Pärnu Pärnu, The Museum of New Art, Estonia
The opening of the annual nude art exhibition MAN and WOMAN June 8 - Sept. 11, 2011 is this summer dedicated to G.W. Richmann, a scientist born 300 years ago in our city Pärnu and later, in 1753, was killed by lightning. He was one of the first researchers of electricity, trying to capture electric power from atmosphere. Richmann sacrificed his life to science and development of human civilization...

So, this is why Mark Soosaar the director of the Museum collects nude photos, paintings, objects etc which have some connectivity with electricity as a an energetic symbol between man and woman, with a strong energy impulse between male and female bodies and souls.
Haparanda Haparanda
Packhusgatan 4, Haparanda
30 juni - 20 augusti 2011
Vernissage 29 juni kl. 18

Giverny, France
Joint Exhibition with paintings at WHO'S WHO Art Club International, from the 23d to the 28th of June.
Galerie 60, Rue Claude Monet 60, Giverny, France
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Konstmagasinet, Katrineholm
6 maj - 20 maj 2012
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Galleri Valfisken, Simrishamn
24 juni - 14 juli 2013
Bilder från vernissage: Bild 1, Bild 2, Bild 3, Bild 4.
Bilder: Bild 1, Bild 2, Bild 3.
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